Devin Anderson: Racing and Dating

Like many twentysomethings, Devin Anderson is single and active on the dating scene. The handsome gentleman that’s full of personality said he has no problems finding dates. However, Anderson wanted to provide a counter-opinion, based on his own experience, to a commonly perceived notion about racing and dating.

“The race car doesn’t help,” said Anderson, when it comes to dating. “If anything, it makes [women] think you’re only going to talk about race cars — which is true. It’s pretty much my only conversation topic.”

To be fair, Anderson’s life does revolve a bit around racing. He races professionally with a Toyota 86 in the TCA class for TC America. We even caught Anderson racing on an off-weekend during a NASA Southeast event at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina. Anderson once faced a choice when it came to love and racing. The choice came easy for him.

“My high school girlfriend once asked, ‘Would you choose racing or would you choose me?’” said Anderson. “I instantly [said,] ‘Racing. Without a doubt.’”

Anderson considers, racing, by far, one of the most special experiences he’s enjoyed in life.

“It’s the adrenaline rush,” Anderson said of what makes racing so attractive. “You feel like you can do anything [when you’re in a race car]. And, you’re one with the car.”

Devin Anderson, 22, of Mooresville, North Carolina, checks off so many items on the wish list that women traditionally have.

He’s a man in uniform, which he wears at every race.

Anderson earns a regular paycheck — as a crew chief, mind you, not just sweeping floors — at TechSport Racing.

And, he’s successful, winning his first professional race in October during a TC America event at Sebring International Raceway in Florida.

Perhaps, Anderson just hasn’t met the right woman, yet. A woman who can appreciate the incredible caliber of man that Devin Anderson offers — and respects that racing will always be his first love.

J.A. Ackley

The Rock the Curb Executive Editor has covered motorsports since 2000. His many awards include the 2019 Eastern Motorsport Press Association (EMPA) Jim Hunter Writer of the Year and the 2013 Russ Catlin Award for Excellence in Motorsports Journalism.