Tundra Series Cooler from Proform — Holidays Wish List

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” may be playing in the background, but the Tundra Series cooler keeps your car cool on the inside. Jam-packed with cooling area, the compact cooler from Proform keeps fluids cool and increases the performance of your race car. While sold as a “transmission cooler,” racers can use it for a variety of fluids other than transmission fluid, including engine oil, rear differential fluid, and power steering fluid. It also works well on tow vehicles.

Proform said the cooler’s stacked plate-and-fin design is up to 29.387% more efficient than tube and fin coolers of the same size on the market. The system of louvered fins provides maximum surface area while minimizing negative airflow resistance. Its compact design allows racers to place it in a variety of tight spaces.

The Tundra Series cooler is of an all-aluminum construction, with a state-of-the-art brazing process preventing leakage. It then gets anodized with a black finish to help withstand corrosion.

Each cooler gets a thorough quality control check. The company starts by pressure-testing it at 175 psi, looking for any cracks or deformities. Then, they plunge it underwater at 80 psi to ensure no bubbles form and no leaks are present.

When used as a transmission cooler, you can use it as a standalone unit or with the existing factory transmission cooler.

The Tundra Series transmission coolers all measure 11.5″ wide and 2″ deep. They have a 7/8–14 female inlet and a –10AN outlet. However, four different heights are offered:

  • Part number 69570-10 measures 4.76″ tall, with a 20,000 BTU/hour rating.
  • Part number 69570-16 measures 6.58″ tall, with a 32,000 BTU/hour rating.
  • Part number 69570-25 measures 9.31″ tall, with a 47,800 BTU/hour rating.
  • Part number 69570-40 measures 13.86″ tall, with a 72,000 BTU/hour rating.

Retail prices for the coolers range from just under $100 for the smallest to about $200 for the largest.

Proform Parts
Warren, Michigan

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